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Tagged by :iconshyorchid128:


  • Be honest. If you don't want to answer then state 'Classified'
  • Tag at least one person ;v;
  • Answer as yourself please, not an OC or something. (Unless you're an account dedicated to a certain OC or something.)

 Section 1: Personal Stuff

  • If you don't want to answer certain ones, Just put 'Classified' •

1. Name?

2. How old are you?

3. What is your Birth year?

4. How tall are you?
167 cm (about 5'5

5. What country do you live in? Is it the same one you were born in?
Mexico and yeah same country

6. Shoe size?

7. Zodiac Sign?

8. Glasses?

9. Braces?

10. Right-handed or left-handed?

Section 2: People

11. Do you have a partner (Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Wife/Husband)?

12. Do you currently have a crush?
um no

13. If so, who? Do they have deviantART?
I dont have a crush

14. Have you ever had a crush on a friend?

15. If so, did you tell them?
we dated for about a month so yeah

16. Do you know if someone has a crush on you?

17. If so, who?

18. How many relationships have you been in(Partnerwise)?

19. Who was your first kiss, if any?
one of my friends

20. Ever break any hearts? Or have yours broken?
that same friend, but we are good now

Section 3: Favourites

21. Food?

22. Animal?
white tiger

23. Show?
game of thrones

24. Book?
cronicas de la torre (its a series but still my fav)

25. Fandom?

26. Colour?

27. OC?

28. Game?
dont play theat much (but wii party with my friends is totally fun)

29. Hobby?

30. Family member?
my parents (or one of my cousins)

31. Ship (Aka your OTP)?
there is one for each fandom

32. Song?
anything from newsies, or spring awakening

33. Singer/Band?
do broadway actors count?

34. Author/Book Writer?
laura gallego

35. Youtuber?
I dont have a favourite one

36. Country?

37. Site?

38. Piece of art?
I really like surrealism there is something amazing about it

39. Movie?
that changes almost every month

40. Drink?

Section 4: Family

41. Are your parents still a couple?

42. If not, any step parents?

43. Any siblings?

44. Half siblings?

45. Step siblings?

46. Any pets? If so, Kind and name?
no pets

47. Any kids?

48. If not, any plans on kids?
I want at least one

49. If so, names and genders?
a girl ore a girl and a boy and I would call them veronica, julieta, or lea for the girls and lucas or esteban for the boys

50. Most annoying family member?
one of my aunts and a lot of my ocusins

Section 5: School

51. Are you still in school?
I will begin my last year of high school in the fall

52. Did you drop out?

53. Ever get suspended?

54. Do you buy or bring lunch?
bring (and then ask one of my friends for money and buy candy)

55. Grade?
5° year of high school (junior year)

56. Favourite class?
literature or arts

57. Play on any sports teams at school?
no, but I used to do tae-kwon-do

58. Are you popular?
in the artistic comunity yes, but my school is so small that everyone knows about everyone else

59. Best memory at school?
dont know what to choose for this one

60. Most humiliating moment at school?
there have been so many, but doing theater at my school makes you loose the fear to get humiliated

Section 6: First thought when you hear 

61. Food?
yum :P

62. Dirt?
this is so much fun

63. Cold?
I dont want to get sick again

64. Minecraft?
middle school boys using my schools computers while I am trying to print something

65. Sleep?
the best thing ever
I should be doing that instead of this, but who cares

66. Headache?
bad, bad, really bad

67. Elephant?
there is this song little kids (and not so little) sing

68. Laundry?
I dont want to scrub my socks

69. Five meters?
is it fabric

70. Math?
I hate my teacher (but I have a really good grade so who cares)

Section 7: Do you believe in 

71. God?

72. Gods?
73. The original poster never specified what this question was so enjoy handsome Squidward: Squidward Sexy (Blinking Eyes) Squidward Sexy (Dance) 

74. Closet monsters?

75. Demons?

76. Magic?

77. Heaven?

78. Hell?

79. Reincarnation?

80. Yourself?
usually yes

Section 9: Do you 

81. Smoke?

82. Do drugs?

83. Skip classes?
when my math teacher isnt in the clasroom I just spend the hour at cultural coordination

84. Cuss?

85. Sing in the shower?
all the time

86. Drink alcohol?

87. Think you're attractive?

88. Sleep walk?

89. Want to get married?

90. Drink and drive?

Section 10: Have you ever

91. Sent nudes to someone?

92. Broken a law?

93. Been arrested?

94. Skinny dipped?

95. Killed someone?

96. Watched a pet die?
no, but I once had a fish that commited suicide

97. Told your crush you like them?

98. Climbed a mountain?
only trees

99. Gotten drunk?

100. Faked being sick so you didn't have to go to school?

Section 11: Would you 

101. Sky dive?

102. Bungee jump?
I dont know

103. Swim with dolphins?
I already did that, and would do it again

104. Steal a friends boyfriend or girlfriend?

105. Lie to the police?
I dont think so

106. Run from the police?

107. Lie to your parents?
already did it, dont like it

108. Backstab a friend to get what you want?

109. Work at A&W(Or any Fast-food place)?

110. Kill the Prime Minister(Or President)
I wouldnt kill anyone

Section 12: Are you


112. Crazy?
according to some persons

113. Insane?

114. Okay?
I think

115. Weak?
depents on the situation

116. Straight?

117. Bisexual?

I just dont feel comfortable saying this online

118. Mean?

119. Quiet?
in some situations I am

120. Trustworthy?
for my friends yes 

Section 13: Dream

121. Job?
costume designer

122. House?
apartment with lots of light

123. Pet?
dont know

124. Car?
I dont know about cars actually

125. Wife or Husband?
I just want to fall in love with someone who loves me as much 

126. Country of residence?
Mexico or USA

127. Children's names?
veronica, julieta, lea for the girls, lucas or steban for the boys

128. Honeymoon?
dont know

129. Children's gender?
I want a girl and a boy

130. Best man/Bridesmaid?
my bff

Section 14: Friends :D (Big Grin) (Big Grin) 

131. Best friend?
Kyrrachan aka D

132. Loudest?
in our group that would be me, if not A

133. Tallest?

134. Shyest?

135. Known the longest?

136. Funniest?

137. Craziest?

138. Cutest?

139. Most patient?

140. Shortest?

Section 15: The last 

141. Thing you ate?
a piece of pie!

142. Thing you drank?

143. Thing you heard?
whatever comercial is on the TV right now

144. Thing you said?
this is long

145. Song you heard?
shall we dance from the king and I

146. Thing you watched?
I am watching the last harry potter movie

147. Person you hugged?

148. Person you yelled at?
probably mom

149. Time you GOT OFF YOUR LAZY ASS?
after dinner

150. Thing you wore?
my pajama

Section 16: Yes or no 

151. Vegetarian?

152. Do you like penguins?

153. Is there stupid people around you?

154. Can you see bread fish?

155. Can you see out a window right now?

156. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
no (cant they cause me allergies)

157. You x Your phone?

158. You x Your computer?

159. Are you a unicorn?
no (if I was an unicori I would stab things with my horn :))

160. Am I annoying :c?
no, this tag is

161. Can you cross your eyes?

162. Do you like Anime?
not that much

163. Do you read Percy Jackson?

164. Do you like cats?

165. Are you awesome?
of course I am

166. Did you notice the Hetalia reference in question 69?

167. Do you bite your nails?

168. Do you like jeans?

169. Do you play Chain Chronicle?

170. Do you spend to much time online?

Section 17: Other questions that I don't feel like putting in sections 

171.How long is your hair?
halfway trough my back, almost at my waist

172. Are you lazy?

173. Do you enjoy this meme?
it is tyring

174. How many OCs do you have?
a lot

175. Whats your favourite number?

176. Who's your favourite book character?
there are to many to choose just one

178. What about show character?
arya from GoT

179. Do you have any nicknames?

180. If so, what?
people around here call me light

181. Do you like fries?

182. Do you like sleeping?

183. If you play Chain Chronicle will you give me your friend code?
dont play that

184. If not, will you please download it on your phone/device?

185. What colour are your room walls?
white, I should paint at least one of them though

186. How many video-games do you play?
not many, mostly puzzle games

187. Do you like your teacher(s)?
some of them

188. Do your teacher(s) like you?
most of them

189. Do you like Nightcore?
dont know what that is

190. Do you watch Markiplier?
same here

191. How long have you been drawing? (If you don't draw why are you on deviantart)
since I can remember

192. Winter or Summer?
here seasons dont change that much so no preferences

193. Digital or traditional?

194. Jeans or skirt?

195. Pink or blue?

196. This meme or Tartarus?
this meme

197. Tape or glue?
depends on what I want to paste

198. Pen or pencil?
for drawing pencil

199. Weed or Alcohol?

200. Shower or bath?

201. Inside or outside?

202. Top or bottom~?
this one is to creepy to get an answer

203. Coca Cola or Pepsi?
neither of them

204. Yellow or pink?

205. Cold(sickness) or Fever?

206. Black or white?
depends on what other colors there are around

207. A&W or Tim Hortons?
tim hortons

208. Justin Bieber or Shakira?

209. Football or Basketball?

210. Apple or Android?

211. What do you think about boy bands?

212. What do you think about suicide?
that is not a topic I want to talk about

213. What do you think about LBGT?
much love for them and for everyone, who cares who you like or what sex you are, you are a human being who deserves as much love as everyone else

214. Who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years?
my bffs from school

215. How about 10 years?
same, but maybe adding friends from college

216. Do you have a website?

217. Who's your favourite dA artist?
I dont have one, but there are a lot of amazing artists around here

218. Who do you think will end up stealing this meme off you?
at least one of the persons I plan on tagging wont 

219. Do you hate anyone?
not really

220. If so, who?

221.Hetalia or PJO? (just choose xD)
PJO anytime

222. Riptide or Acapella?

223. Nice or Rich partners?

224. One nightstand or a BOOKSHELF?

225. Do you like your mom or dad figure more?
both of them

226. Scarf or hat?
scarf and hat

227. What time is it right now?
11:38 pm

228. Whats the date right now?

229. Whats the weather like?
cloudy? dont know it is to dark to see outside

230. Tags!

dont hate me for this


Light-Leckrereins's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi I am sofia but you can call me light, I am 16 years old (but everyone thinks that I am younger dont know why) I come from mexico and I really love my country

I speak spanish and english and kind of understand italian and french

best friend :3 :iconkyrrachan:
friends (for me you are more than friends) :iconladdy-of-fire: :iconpixiepearl: :iconwinxzafir: :iconglitteringrosewings: :iconbrighteyessunshine: :icongolden-fantasy-voice: :iconandy-dorinka:

art status

My birthday badge

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So he decided to just happily sing.
Every person who met him, sang along
To dear Santa, their spirits were naturally drawn.
Santa then, asked them to pen down what they wish,
A big bag of toys, chocolates or just never ending bliss
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